Pursue Your Passion

This was not a post I was planning on writing, but today something got me thinking and I just felt like I needed to let it out in cyberspace.

Let me explain. When I met my husband, after less then a week that we were dating, I found out that one of his greatest passions was paragliding. I was going to cook for him one night, and he told me that he might be a little late because depending on how the wind was maybe he was going to “hang out in the sky” a little longer. When he finally got to my house, he was so happy, actually ecstatic is more precise, because he described his flight as AMAZING! Soon I would find out that all his flights were amazing, also the shortest one! Just being up there made it amazing. After that first night I became his companion through all his flights, I would drive up with him, watch him get ready and photograph him while he took off and then went looking for him in the different landing spots. Unfortunately I was able to fly with him only once because right after we found out I was pregnant. So I never really had a chance to enjoy it like he does.

His last flight was the 30th of September 2009 and our 6 months old son was with us for the first time. After that our lives went through so many changes that it seemed like paragliding couldn’t be at the first place anymore, but guess what? The sails followed us also across the ocean!

Today was a windy day and Mass grabbed his sail, went in our community yard and started pulling it up, of course he can’t fly off ground (although our neighbors were betting he would), he needs to jump off a mountain or very high hill, but the sail was up, and his passion was back. I could see that energy flow right back into him, into his eyes, into his whole body just for feeling the wind in his sail for a few minutes. Imagine if he had gone flying!

So my reflection after observing this is that if you are really passionate about something, nothing should stop you from pursing it. Life can get complicated, can get really busy, but you can’t let excuses stop you from doing what you love to do. You can’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do that anymore, that you aren’t able or whatever you might be told. You might have to be patient, you might have to reach some compromises but at the end of the day if you are doing what truly makes you feel good inside, isn’t it all worth it?!

For my husband paragliding was a way of reaching a blissful moment, I always thought of it as his own form of meditation. When he is up in the sky it is only him and the sound of the wind (I truly believe he was a bird in a past life!) he is in peace with himself and with the world around him.

So my message to myself and to all of you is to pursue your passion don’t fear the obstacles they are only there to help you really value how much that passion is worth for you! Jump off your own mountain and enjoy the flight!

Happy New Year!